(Reprint from CNR)

September 18, Hangzhou municipal party committee and city government held a meeting to promote the city's new consumer work, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Zhou Jiangyong delivered an important speech, Deputy Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liu Xin presided over the meeting, the municipal government leadership and the districts, counties (city) government and other major responsible persons all participated in the meeting.


At the meeting, the municipal government released a list of 100 new consumer enterprises, including Alibaba Group, Taobao China, Tmall, and sooibe, which are the leaders, outstanding contributors, brands and innovators in Hangzhou. Among them, sooibe won the Hangzhou "new consumer innovation enterprise" award, and won the municipal government commendation.


At present, China has become the world's second largest consumer market, and consumption has become the number one driver of the country's economic growth. At the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, there was a temporary decline in national retail and consumption; however, as the prevention and control of the epidemic has entered normalcy, China's consumption is gradually recovering and gaining new vigour, while the epidemic has further given rise to new scenes, new modes and new experiences of consumption.

“We should combine the resumption of work and production with the expansion of domestic demand, release the pent-up and frozen consumption, and nurture and expand the new and upgraded consumption generated in the prevention and control of the epidemic. ”

Under the new situation, consumption has become the fulcrum and foothold to expand and smooth the domestic economic cycle. The resilience and potential of new consumption has become a new blue sea to expand domestic demand and promote development.

Hangzhou, which is building the first city of Digital Economy and digital governance, has launched a new consumer revolution with digital empowerment, showing its “elegant demeanor” and shouldering the mission of the provincial capital city as the “important window” , to show the world The charm of Hangzhou.

How to expand market consumption demand, lead supply innovation with “new consumption” , and realize “double upgrade” of industry and consumption structure to meet the current new consumption demand?

In Hangzhou, the pace of the new consumption economy is quickening, and the enterprises carry forward the fearless spirit of “dare to get ahead, resume work and production” , in which Sooibe as a new consumer enterprises gives its own answer. SOOIBE is mainly engaged in child health and environmental protection, leisure sports related product design, research and development, manufacture, sales; Through competitions, training, three-dimensional system of tourism to cultivate children independent, strong, brave, confident, optimistic character. In a real sense, a new business model of Children’s leisure sports has been established, which is integrated with manufacturing, sales, competitions and sports tourism. Since the resumption of production in June, Sooibe has been put into production to reopen the market for offline merchants. It has organized nearly 20 offline events, training, tourism and other activities to speed up the resumption of business.


Through a series of measures, Hangzhou has become an excellent city sample for the recovery of the new consumer economy. Among them, Sooibe has contributed its own strength to the economic recovery, boosting the consumption of Hangzhou sports market, and at the same time promoting the transformation of e-commerce in the bicycle industry, under the background of the new consumption era, we have achieved breakthrough and counter-trend growth. According to public data, SOOIBE “S1 King ” race has fully recovered since it resumed production in June 2020. More than 5,000 riders have participated in the event, an increase of 150% over last year. Show the epidemic, the sports industry and sports e-commerce show strong vitality and growth.




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