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Xihu District Children’s Sports Meeting and  S1 King Balance Bike COMPETITION EXCITING START!

November 24,2020 Xihu District Children’s Sports Meetings and S1 King Balance Bike Race is held in the Xihu District Stadium

The event is organised by West Lake District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau,Xihu District Education Bureau,Is hosted by West Lake District Youth Center,Xihu District Children’s Sports Association,Is jointly supported by Sooibe China, Hangzhou Sooibe Club.

Nearly 2,000 children from more than 70 kindergartens in Hangzhou participated in the event, which created a lively atmosphere.


The scene of the competition was crowded with crowds and voices. Children in the competition are chasing each other, fully carrying forward the sports spirit of striving for the first place in the sports meeting.

Under the leadership of the teacher, the waiting children watched the game in an orderly manner, cheering for the outstanding performance of the friends.


Some parents said that letting their children participate in the Balance Bike competition not only relieves the pressure of the children in their daily study and life, but also enhances the relationship between each other.

Exercise is a kind of fun, exercise is a kind of enjoyment. Everyone experiences happiness in participation, gains friendship in games, and exercises will in competition.


Since 2020, sooibe has been actively involved in the organization and holding of offline children's balance bike races. In response to the call, sooibe has actively participated in the sunshine sports activities with the theme of "Frequent with the Times, Helping Children's Health" ,contribute to the Asian Games, promote the all-round development of young children.

The purpose of this competition is also to encourage more children to participate in early childhood physical exercise, to build a platform for communication and display for early childhood physical development, and to further improve the level of physical education for kindergarten teachers, it is of positive significance to enrich kindergarten sports cultural activities, cultivate children’s spirit of solidarity and cooperation and actively participate in sports activities, and promote children’s sports development.


The S1 King World Super League is actively developing all over the country, devoting to the cause of children's sports, and practicing the sports slogan "Born for dreams and crowned for love."

S1 King is conducting more professional races to bring professional racing experience to more kids who love balance bikes. 




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