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From May 5 to 8, 2023 CHINA CYCLE was held. sooibe, as the leading brand of cross-age folding children bicycle, appeared in this global exhibition and received enthusiastic attention from dealers, media and agents from many countries and regions around the world.

▲During the exhibition, Sooibe Exhibition Hall

Sooibe Balance Bike A1 wins 2023 CHINA CYCLE Award.

By high-strength aeronautical aluminum is preferred, Sooibe Balance Bike A1 frame/front fork are fabricated by non-welding integrated manufacturing process.

Dynamic modeling frame, achieve non-welding forming, increase strength, dynamic and beautiful appearance.

The patent telescopic pedal can be switched at will, and the length can be adjusted by rotating the positioning foot lever.

When doing competitive action, extend the pedals to make the pedaling position longer and more stable; when racing, shorten the pedals to make the racing more smooth and safer.

▲Taiwanese guests learn more about Sooibe Balance bicycle

In the selection of "2023 CHINA CYCLE Award", Sooibe Balance Bike A1 stood out among many products and won the 2023 CHINA CYCLE Award after the rigorous consideration and selection of product design, function, structure, process, material and innovation by the expert panel!

In this exhibition, sooibe will bring four series of children's products:

1.Growth folding bicycle

2.Sport mountain bicycle

3.Balance bicycle

4.Children's cycling equipment

At sooibe exhibition hall, dealers can enjoy sooibe's cutting-edge new products and star products as well as a homecoming atmosphere.

The traditional bicycle is as the child's height increases, for a larger size bicycle.

Sooibe obtained cross-age bicycle patent, a bicycle can ride for 10 years, solve the problem of children grow up to change cars.

sooibe kids’ growth folding bike 007

Ten years only need a bicycle; Can take somebody by bike, collapsible, adults and children can ride

Dealers immerse themselves in Sooibe kids’ growth folding bike

sooibe kids’ growth folding mountain bicycle 009

Outdoor travel,  parent-child accompany, 8 speed shift, one button switch, 3-step folding for easy storage

Ultra-lightweight designAdopt belt drive technologyConfigure internal gear shift, Cross-country, sports, daily cycling switch at will

Sooibe kidspulley mountain bicycle  M1

Silent riding, lightest in the industry

In front of the sooibe Sports mountain bike, there is a steady stream of dealers.

sooibe kids’ sport mountain bike M7

A mountain bike that knows how kids ride

 dealers stop by to learn about the Sooibe Balance bike

Sooibe Balance bikes are displayed centrally

Sooibe Balance bike A100

Sooibe Balance bike 001

Sooibe Balance bike A1

Sooibe Balance bike F1

Sooibe Balance bike S1

Sooibe has always been driven by design and fun;

is a medium and high-end brand focusing on children: cross-age bikes, balance bikes, folding bikes and mountain bikes;

offers more personalized, stylish and high-performance products for children around the world.

Sooibe's full range is devoted to quality.

sooibe insists on using aviation aluminum and carbon fiber, which are far better in strength and longevity than other materials, which is why high-end bicycles and sports products in the market are all made of aviation aluminum or carbon fiber.


Sooibe cross-age growth folding bike series

As the leading brand of cross-age folding childrensooibe is not only unique in manufacturing materials, but also in product development and design.

sooibe has obtained more than 50 national patents, won many German Red Dot, was selected in the Chinese brand innovation development project, won the Chinese craftsmanship brand, is a members of China Brand Leaders Alliance.


In the future, sooibe will continue to practice "Afraid of changing bikes? Just buy sooibe!" .

Sooibe has always been driven by design and fun;is a medium and high-end brand focusing on children: cross-age bikes, balance bikes, folding bikes and mountain bikes;offers more personalized, stylish and high-performance products for children around the world,dedicated to training children to be independent and strong through the three-dimensional system of events, training, parent-child club Brave, confident and optimistic character.



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